typography today
'Nothing is happening in typography, absolutely nothing! I want to see new directions. I want to see crazy people, who make typography without even knowing what typography is!'

So wrote Wolfgang Weingart to me, responding to the publication 'typography today' in 1980. It was not long before his wish became reality. The computer soon elevated people who 'know nothing of typography' to become instant designers. Well - not quite.

Typography is more than simply using ready-made computer software. It is the detail that separates typography from typography. It is devotion that separates typographer from typographer.

'There are two sides to typography. First, it does a practical job of work; and second, it is concerned with artistic form.' The words of Emil Ruder, quoted on the jacket of this new edition 'typography today' define typography and explain the aim of this publication.

Typography's purpose is to inform, to stimulate and to activate. Typography lives by reason of its message rather than from its arrangement. 'We live in this world when we love it'. These words, expressed so beautifully by the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, may be arranged in modern or in classical typography, in captivating or in careless typography - the message remains unchanged.

The true typographer will let the message speak.Will and words can change the world.

Helmut Schmid
Osaka, December 2002